Natural Hoof Trimming School

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6975 Sterling Creek Road
Jacksonville, OregoN 97530
541-899-5691 (PST)

For individuals flying in we pick you up and return you to Medford International (MFR)

Method and style of hoofcare taught

Students learn a mapping system that allows them to know where the internal structures are within the hoof prior to trimming. Learning to trim to the internal structures provides both heel-to-toe and lateral-medial balancing and joint comfort for the equine. Students are given gauges, safety equipment and a procedure to effectively achieve this. 

Instruction includes:

  1. How to develop a strong and healthy hoof 
  2. How to recognize and remove diseases in the hoof capsule
  3. How to repair and improve deformed and damaged capsules.
  4. How to protect the hoof from lameness