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Natural Hoof Trimming School

Oregon School of Natural Hoof Care's Logistics

Tuition:  $1,400.00     

Deposit of $250.00 will hold your position in the limited number of students per session.

Money can be paid in cash, check,   with visa or PayPal by clicking the button:

6975 Sterling Creek Road
Jacksonville, OregoN 97530
541-899-1535 (PST)

For individuals flying in we pick you up and return you to Medford International (MFR)


Session 1 Whole Horse

Cost:     $1450.00 credit card  or   Pay check or cash save $50.00


Whole Horse Session  

June    6-12, 2021

Aug.  15-21, 2021 FULL  FULL  FULL

2022 schedule will be announce in October 2021

You receive:
1- HoofPrint trimming manual                      $75.00 value

Educational materials                                     $50.00 value

1 -  Tool bag that includes:        $200.00 value

  • 2 - F. Dick knives
  • Rasp and handle
  • Custom armguards
  • Gloves, flashlights
  • Gauges, hoof pick, misc. 

Onsite lodging for 9 days

3 full meals a day with great snacks

Tool handling

Trimming a cadaver applying the principles of the lectures prior to trimming live animals

Five days of hoof trimming in a spacious barn with the schools equine

Personal Instructors during trimming sessions

Certificate of Attendance

Bar Clinic  


You receive:.
2 cadavers for dissections             

Education includes:

  1. Defining the bar wall from the sole and frog
  2. Cadaver work and working on live horses
  3. Learn how to trim out excess embedded bar
  4. Learn how to help and correct deformed hoof capsules
  5. Learn how to trim and remove extremely damaged capsules from disease

Onsite lodging

3 full meals a day